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Episode 8: Learning Through the Crisis

May 7: Crestview Strategy Founding Partner Chad Rogers sat down with Scotty Greenwood, Partner and Managing Director US, to discuss lessons that she and the team have learned through the COVID-19 crisis.

Partner and Managing Director for Crestview Strategy U.S. and CEO of the Canadian American Business Council, Scotty Greenwood sits down with Founding Partner Chad Rogers to talk about how things have changed in Washington since the pandemic began eight weeks ago. Scotty shares stories from her first memories of campaigns, to how her experience in American politics, government and diplomacy has prepared her for the crisis moment we are all faced with today.

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3 recommendations:

  1. There is a premium on expertise. With the advent of Twitter as a means of communication, in recent years the premium has been on cleverness, being funny, or being witty, while also being in the moment. For the past ten years, anyone can have a platform. Through the crisis, we have seen that what people really value is expertise. People want real information and they want to hear from leaders who are willing to say what they do not know.
  2. Communicating and relating to people as human beings has changed since the crisis began in a way that has levelled all of us and has brought out our common humanity. In Washington, sometimes people would step away from the niceties. Now, we all, no matter who you are in this world, are confronted with the same things: you’re worried about your family, you’re worried about what’s going to happen in the future and there is a high degree of anxiety. This is causing people to relate and communicate differently; officials are being seen as human beings.
  3. Before the crisis, we saw some “Tech Lash”, with people feeling concerned about an invasion into their lives. Now, people are expressing gratitude for these modern tools because they will allow us to continue all the things we want to do as families, societies, as governments, and as economies.

1 big shout out!

  • The leadership and ingenuity of Hélène Gagnon. Hélène is on the Board at the Canadian American Business Council and is a Senior Executive at CAE, a Canadian Civil Aviation Company based in Montreal. With the spike in demand for medical equipment, CAE accepted the call to figure out how to invent ventilators and will be delivering 90, 000 ventilators in Quebec in the next several weeks. CAE was also able to hire all their Canadian workforce back because of the programs that the government of Canada is offering.
  • Mandy Rennehan, CEO of retail maintenance and construction firm Freshco Inc.. Mandy noticed that truck drivers were often being shunned and denied the basic necessities, while they delivered essential during the pandemic. Mandy used Freshco trailers to set up a facility for truckers, couriers, and other emergency services workers along a major Canadian highway. The stations offer washrooms that are open 24/7.

Other References

  • Watching: Nature Programming including National Geographic Documentaries and the Netflix series Night on Earth.
  • Get outside to get some fresh air and take a break from the work that needs to be done.
  • Scotty has been most grateful for the opportunity to spend time with family, ensuring that they share one meal together a day which is often themed.