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Episode 6: Learning Through the Crisis

April 30: Crestview Strategy Founding Partner Chad Rogers sat down with Meena Aier, Senior Data Scientist, to discuss lessons that she and the team have learned through the COVID-19 crisis.

Meena Aier reflects on the data that she has been interacting with throughout the Covid-19 crisis and the possible long-term impacts that the pandemic will have on human behaviour, business and policy decisions when restrictions are inevitably lifted.

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3 recommendations:

  1. People do not make decisions in isolation nor are their decisions static. We are constantly on the receiving end of information and use this to guide and adjust our behaviours. Once the initial restrictions are lifted, people are likely going to make real choices about how they choose to get to work, how much they choose to spend, and where they choose to spend their dollars. Businesses and organizations will need to give deep thought to what motivates (or hinders) people from engaging with them. Businesses will need to find really effective ways to address people’s core concerns and to the extent possible, try to credibly demonstrate why they should rank high in their consumers’ priority list.
  2. The psychological toll on individuals coming out of the crisis. What will the lasting impacts of this crisis be on people of various generations? What is going to happen after the initial phase of the crisis to our normal human rituals? Activities from which we find joy and comfort have been completely upended. What is the psychological toll of being inside for weeks and what does this mean for the peculiar human trait of spontaneity? Does this crisis spell the death of spontaneity?
  3. The amplification of certain trends such as work from home and climate change policy.
    1. How will working from home impact the way companies choose to conduct business in the long term?
    2. There are very specific climate change policies that certain activists have been advocating for decades, there is heightened chatter around specific policy choices including localized supply chains.

1 big shout out!

  • Github an open source platform that enables software developers and data scientists across the world to collaborate on projects. A specific project that Meena has found useful was developed by an Italian software developer who created a simple webpage that tells you how long the current wait times are in the local supermarkets and stores. Check it out here:

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