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Episode 9: Learning Through the Crisis

June 9: Crestview Strategy Founding Partner Chad Rogers sat down with Jason Clark, Senior Consultant, to discuss lessons that he and the team have learned through the COVID-19 crisis.

Jason Clark provides insights on how effectively engage federal politicians during COVID-19, his non-profit and campaign background, and more. Jason speaks to the role of global NGO’s in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and addressing the externalities that have occurred. From podcasts to radio, Jason also recommends what’s been keeping him entertained during the social distancing.  
3 recommendations:
  1. Government is very open to engagement but also actively working with civil servants to ensure that programs can get built in lightning speed. 
  2. Politicians and their staff in Ottawa enjoy that face to face interaction but they have been really open to transitioning to a virtual working environment.
  3. When engaging with minister’s offices, it’s important to look at the details they need to move things forward, such as considering the economic and regional impact. Specifically, what the numbers are around that and what is the additionally. It needs to be more about getting folks back to work, but also what the positive implication you will see.  

1 big shout out!
Amazon Canada: The work Amazon has done undertaking partnership PSPC (Public Services and Procurement Canada). Amazon and the Federal Government has been ensuring the distribution of PPE to the provinces and frontline health care workers was an astounding build on both sides.  

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