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Episode 5: Learning Through the Crisis

April 27: Crestview Strategy Founding Partner Chad Rogers sat down with Christine McMillan, Partner, to discuss lessons that she and the team have learned through the COVID-19 crisis.

Christine talks about her experience working in Ottawa during the COVID-19 crisis and how she has been helping clients and partners interact with government.

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3 recommendations:

  1. Engage with people. Reach out. At Crestview Strategy we have a daily touchpoint with our team and all our colleagues, it gives everyone an opportunity to connect with the whole team to keep those connections alive.
  2. Be creative with asks to government and key decision makers, offer several options for solutions to government, be flexible and nimble
  3. Schedule your day both personally and professionally. Make time to go outside for a walk and don’t fall into the trap of working in your home office all night.

1 big shout out!

  • The Spirits Industry and their immediate response to retooling their operations in order to support the demand for hand sanitizer. During a time of crisis with great uncertainty, the industry turned off their business in order to do something that is beneficial to all Canadians.
  • Political Staff. It’s particularly challenging to be a staffer at the best of times, Christine has been impressed with how willing and nimble political staff have been to find solutions while outside of their comfort zone.

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