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What you need to know right now

May 28, 1930h EDT
The City of Edmonton unveiled the Economic Recovery Program to support local businesses. #AB

May 28, 1930h EDT
Alberta Children’s Services Minister, Rebecca Schulz announced pre-schools in the province can begin reopening on Monday, June 1. #AB

May 28, 1930h EDT
New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs announced the second phase of yellow originally set to begin May 29, has been delayed an additional week until Friday, June 5. #NB

May 28, 1930h EDT
Prince Edward Island Premier Stephen King announced the province will move to Phase Three of its Renew PEI Together plan on Monday, June 1.  #PE

May 27, 1930h EDT
Parks Canada released a full list of National Parks partially reopening on June 1. #CA

May 27, 1930h EDT
Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil announced $230 million in funding to stimulate the economy and create jobs. #NS

May 27, 1930h EDT
Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced members of the Canadian Armed Forces will remain in five Ontario long-term care homes until June 12. #ON

May 27, 1930h EDT
The second phase of Manitoba’s Restoring Safe Services Plan will begin on Monday, June 1. #MB

May 27, 1930h EDT
The Government of Québec unveiled a plan to gradually resume tourism activities in the province, beginning Monday, June 1. #QC

May 27, 1930h EDT
The Government of Nova Scotia is permitting some non-essential businesses to reopen on Friday June 5. #NS

May 26, 1930h EDT
Following the release of a whistleblower report from the Canadian Forces, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the launch of an investigation into five long-term care homes in the province. #ON

May 26, 1930h EDT
The Government of British Columbia announced a three-year, $10 million grant program to support the delivery of co-ordinated emergency sexual assault response services in the province. #BC

What you should read today

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At this point, a number of states have begun lifting stay-at-home orders and allowing nonessential businesses to reopen, with the hope that they can start unthawing their economies even if the coronavirus hasn’t been fully contained.

Source: Slate

The Atlantic Daily: Air Travel After the Outbreak

Flying was already miserable before the pandemic arrived. Now it’s worse—and don’t expect things to go back to normal soon.

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The coronavirus conspiracy news cycle

The coronavirus conspiracy news cycle has grown more powerful off of audiences that were already susceptible to misinformation about other health care myths, like anti-vaccination conspiracies.

Source: Axios


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I would say that as you consider individuals in your sector and their ability to access funds, that CERB is likely the most flexible and most open to adding new categories of individuals.

Dan Moulton

Vice President, Crestview Strategy

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